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Presence to Pupils, LLC

Presence to Pupils, LLC

Health & Wellness

About Us

Trice Berlinski, Certified Meditation Instructor, Meditation Therapist, Corporate Trainer, and Mindfulness Educator. I offer a unique approach to help you access subconscious patterns and rewire your brain to create the life you want. I incorporate basic teachings in neuroscience to aid you in understanding how and why meditation results in greater emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. I incorporate guided meditation and provide summary texts following therapy sessions.

Corporate training, guided employee meditations, development of Corporate Wellness Programs, as well as one-on-one employee coaching are facilitated at your place of business.

As a Mindfulness Educator, I introduced Fenton Schools to mindfulness, and have worked with 1000s of students and 100s of Administrators from Detroit to the Upper Peninsula, and beyond.



Trice Berlinski, Certified Meditation instructor, Meditation Therapist, Corporate Trainer, Mindfulness Educator
Office location: 202 W. Shiawasee, Ste 112, Fenton
Neurochange Solutions Certification with Dr. Joe Dispenza