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Freeze Frame Photo Lounge


Photo Booths

About Us

Our photobooth stands out from the competition because they are OPEN AIR, which means they are NOT enclosed in a small space for your guests. We believe your guests should enjoy the fun with others by being able to see the excitement a photobooth provides.

Our Open Air style also allows you to fit in groups of up to 20 people for pictures. But for our clients who would like a traditional look, we do offer you the option to enclose your photobooth with our new privacy enclosure.

Our photobooth features a high quality camera and lab dye printer that produces brilliant professional photo prints in less then 15 seconds. We strongly stand behind the quality of our photos, especially when compared to our competitors who only use inkjet style printers and consumer grade paper.

All our rentals include unlimited printing of every photograph taken - if 6 people are in a photograph we will print 6 copies.


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