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About Us

Adopt-A-Pet’s long term goals are to continue to find loving families for homeless dogs and cats as well as assist people in the community with their personal animals. Each animal entering our care receives the highest level of medical and emotional care possible. In addition, we continue to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets as well as proper pet care. We have programs to help reduce the amount of animals entering shelters. We will continue to work with other shelters to reduce the amount of animals killed in overcrowded shelters each day. We look forward to a day when no animal will be without a loving family!
Mission Statement

To assist the community by providing a means to place unwanted healthy, adoptable pets in good family environments and to make the public aware of such animal issues as care, welfare, and the hazards of overpopulation.

We pledge:

To elevate the status of animals in society by changing the way people acquire them and how they commit to those pets who become a part of their family

To relieve the plight of homeless pets

To reduce overpopulation of cats and dogs

To provide medical care and/or socialization to all animals in our care.