Fenton Community Expo

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Name: Fenton Community Expo
Date: March 3, 2018 - March 4, 2018
Event Description:
Thank you for attending the Fenton Expo 2018 - what an amazing turnout. Below are lists of the all the prize winners. If you are a winner you will need to collect your prize from the business that provided the prize - the chamber office does not have the prizes. 

Saturday Prize Winners:
Caitlyn Wentz - Kids Zone
Jim Dobb - Element Roofing
Walter Cords - The State Bank
Reagan Boulis - Kids Zone
Mattie Stamp - Fenton School of Dance
Tyler Nitzh - Kids Zone
Sherry Johnson - Coldwell Banker Professionals
Linda Lamb - Coldwell Banker Professionals
Hayden Hebel - Kids Zone
Scott Burbank - Brant & Associates

Sharon Wolff - Adopt-A-Pet
Marion Staples - Dr. McGarry DDS
Misty White - The State Bank
Ranae Willoughby - Argentine Care Center
John Louis - Fenton School of Dance
Ava Tata - Kids Zone
Kinsey Durham - Re/Max Platinum
Ferne Renwick - North Leroy Business District
Amy Allwelt - Fenton School of Dance
Liz Brown - Spa Naturelle
Mary Zahn - Beauchamp Water
Parker Smelis - Kids Zone
Brianna Haught - Advanced Care Chiropractic
Lisa Herrik - Element Roofing
Jonathan Dottie - Mott Community College
Dave Steward - Snuggle Sacks
Felisha Bigger - Adopt-A-Pet
Keegan Williams - Kids Zone
Maddie White - Husband for a Day
Gary Horton - Century 21
Kaitlyn Higgins - Fenton Karate
Dylan Bohms - Kids Zone
Mary Zann - Berkshire Hathaway
Brian Donovan - The State Bank
Julia Bastedo - Swartz Funeral Home
Tabitha Bucknam - Advanced Care Chiropractic
Perry Gable - Fraternal Order of Eagles
Kim Harvey - Beauchamp Water
April Bourmis - Dr. McGarry DDS
Melody Morris - The State Bank

Heather Gillmer - Fenton School of Dance
David Perkins - Mott Community College
April Ahmad - Argentine Care Center
Jonathon Dostie - Mott Community College
Cameron Dohner - Adopt-A-Pet
Derek Golinski - Kids Zone
Lisa Smith - Spa Naturelle
Perry Gabel - Beauchamp Water
Sarah Tino - Advanced Care Chiropractic 
James Diroff - Coldwell Banker Professionals

Faith Hamilton - Kids Zone
Margaret Smith - North Leroy Business District
Randy Kinne - Mott Community College
Richard Zann - Husband For A Day
Brady Wenn - Kids Zone
Lori Girard - Spa Naturelle
Sydney Jones - Fenton Karate
Goodman - Remax Platinum & Service Title
Lisa Smith - Beauchamp Water
Calvin Williams - Adopt-A-Pet
Deb Gonzalez - Snuggle Sacks
Stephanie Engelmond - Patricia McGarry DDS
Lisa Scott - Argentine Care Center
Elijah Keisel - Kids Zone
Julia Popler - Fenton School of Dance
Christina Mikols - Fraternal Order of Eagles
Tanya Walker - Kids Zone
Erin Jinks - Mirror Image Consignment
Gerald Willoughby - Swartz Funeral Home
Kevin Harvey - Beauchamp Water
Kahlan Billingsley - Kids Zone
Adilyn Smith - Fenton School of Dance
Harmony Walz - Snuggle Sacks
April Moje - Adopt-A-Pet
David Oegema - Mott Community College
Ella Walbert - Kids Zone
Cath Mansueti - Spa Naturelle
Sasha Masters - Coldwell Banker Professionals
Michael Lauer - Snuggle Sacks
Kim Harvey - Biggby 

Riley Doughty - Kids Zone
Elizabeth Heilig - Century 21 Woodland
D. Swarthout - Zippyshell
Jason Matznick - Advanced Care Chiropractic
Gerald Gilmore - Kids Zone
Deanna Fletcher - Husband For A Day
Terese Hutchins - Beauchamp Water
D. Lovett - Argentine Care Center
Lisa Diroft - Alpine Land Surveying
Tom Ureche - Mott Community College

Mary Ann Zann - Adopt-A-Pet
Jamie Kingsland - Husband For A Day
Jason Weigle - Berkshire Hathaway
Brinley Canada - Kids Zone
Annelise Coon - Fenton School of Dance
Cheyenne Kandall - Kids Zone
Kristinn Kippe - Beauchamp Water
Debra Brooks - Adopt-A-Pet
Matt Emmons - Kids Zone
Nayeli Brown - Kids Zone
Abigale Natho - Mott Community College

Sunday Winners
Jack Edwards - Gus Macker
Katherine Stump - Beauchamp Water
Layne Bars - Financial Plus Credit Union
Perry Gabez - Financial Plus Credit Union
Adriana Ulcu - Kids Zone
Alan Dlugos - Fenton School of Dance
Bill McDonald - Spa Naturelle
Alexander William Harvey - Kids Zone
Jerry Stark - Fenton Dance Academy
Don Swinehart - The State Bank
Patty Parks - Re/Max Platinum
Max Runci - Kids Zone
Kaitlin Weaver - Fraternal Order of Eagles
Morgan Cherry - Fenton School of Dance
Jeanne Quinlan - Eclections
Carolyn Burtch - Beauchamp Water
Debbie Thompson - Mott Community College
Diane Tatrow - Brant & Associates
Sue Schmitt - Brant & Associates
Tabitha Bucknam - Brant & Associates
Cathy O’Bee - Dr. McGarry DDS
Melody Morris - Adopt-A-Pet
Alice McLane - Re/Max Platinum
Caleb Thomas - Kids Zone
Lola Lucio - Argentine Care Center
Adriana Lucio - Fenton School of Dance 
Porsha Palmerton - Spa Naturelle
Geena Gilliland - The State Bank
Tina Smeets - Fraternal Order of Eagles
Olivia Fetters - Fenton School of Dance
Brandi Ahner - The Dive Shop
Julie D Epifanio - Coldwell Banker
Alan Dlugoss - Beauchamp Water
Ava Arntz - Kids Zone
Christina Lathrup - Fenton School of Dance
Kathleen Elles - Swartz Funeral Home
Joseph Sobczak - Century 21
Fern Renwick - Snuggle Sacks
Lee Ann - North Leroy Business District
Tamara Schild - Mott Community College
Kellen Karabinas - Kid Zone
Don Krawczyk - Mid-State Equipment
Josh Jeffers - Mid-State Equipment
Chris Brackett - Mid-State Equipment
Nathan Puckett - Mid-State Equipment
Brandon Howe - Patricia McGarry DDS
Abigail Hermann - Kid Zone
Shawn Kings - Mid-State Equipment
Caleb Boughman - Kid Zone
Eugene O’Neil - Mid-State Equipment
Roberta Fogel - Berkshire Hathaway
Harold Cole - Beauchamp Water
Tammy Sack - Advanced Care Chiropractic
Nancy Reynolds - Snuggle Sacks
Ella Everale - Fenton School of Dance
Irene März - Spa Naturelle
Marnie Boehlke - Fenton School of Dance
Nicole Burton - The Dive Shop
Alan Dlugoss - Mid State Equipment
Elizabeth Schulz - Kids Zone
Jim Gallaher - Re/Max Platinum
Louise Jones - Re/Max Platinum
Mary Rib - Patricia McGarry DDS
Ramona Deese - Argentine Care Center
Tyler Caslmon - Kids Zone
Jeanne Dade - Mott Community College
Nancy Sobezak - Husband For A Day
Laura Griglak - Advanced Care Chiropractic
Debra Sipes - Beauchamp Water
Jesse Van - Adopt-A-Pet
Michael Lauer - 3C Spray Foam
Chelsea Carter - 3C Spray Foam
Thomas Hameline - Fenton School of Dance
Emma Wise - Financial Plus Credit Union
Kelli Brigolin - Financial Plus Credit Union
Melissa Butts - Patricia McGarry DDS
Jossalyn Ecker - Kids Zone
Mike Vig - The State Bank
Misty White - H20 Restoration
Maggie Yerman - Swartz Funeral Home
David LaForest - Coldwell Banker Professionals
Amanda Vig - Spa Naturelle
Camil Till - Fenton School of Dance
Michael Marchand - Kids Zone
John Smith - Drew Shapiro for State Rep.
Athena Winder - Zippy Shell
Melissa Van Patten - Husband For A Day
Dean A Drake - Linden Complete Auto
Greg Craven - Mott Community College
Jessica Dendy - Simple Mortgage
Michelle Shayna - Dr. McGarry DDS
Rachel Abruzzo - Alpine Land Surveying
Sally Kettler - Williams & Knack
Terri Clark - Century 21
Harold Cole - Birds Beware Window Cleaning
Rosa Alegre - Biggby Coffee
Tabitha Bucknam - Fenton Karate
Sherry Maxwell - Argentine Care Center
Ed Hauch - Affordable Computer Services
Susan Lewis - Shiawassee Shores
Debra Gonzdrz - Shiawassee Shores
Perry Gabel - Tanglewood Home Care
Heather Sipes - Spa Naturelle
Nancy Sobczak - Berkshire Hathway
Alice McLane - Mott Community College
Liz Minock - Spa Naturelle
Irene März - Re/Max Platinum


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Fenton High School
Saturday, March 3rd 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday, March 4th 11:00am - 4:00pm
Contact Information:
(810) 629-5447
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